• The objective of the game is to score points by filling in lines horizontally in the game area. When a line has been filled it will collapse and everything above will fall one step down.
  • Every brick you use gives you a point, but clearing lines gives a lot more. Bonus points for filled in lines are allocated as follows: Single - 50, Double - 150, Triple - 300, Tetrys - 500. You should also note that 'dropping' blocks (pressing the space bar) earns extra points. The higher you drop, the more points you get!
  • About the HIGHSCORES...the game keeps track of your all-time personal best achievement in each of the three categories. Who are we to say that points are more valuable than lines?
  • Finally, the game picks up speed every round so keep your wits about you. You're gonna need 'em.


Move Left MoveRight Rotate Block Move Down Drop Block
A or J or
Left Arrow
D or L or
Right Arrow
W or I or
Up Arrow
S or K or
Down Arrow


Another, ahem, Article 19 original. We know this game has been done a gazillion times, but that's only 'cause it's a true winner. So, being impressed with the arcade version as well as the plethora of on-line implementations we couldn't resist the urge to do 'yet another' one ourselves. We hope you enjoy it.

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