• Hey, if you've never played Pac-Man before . . . then I just don't know . . .


Left Right Up Down
A or J or Left Arrow D or L or Right Arrow W or I or Up Arrow W or I or Down Arrow


This game was developed as an hommage to one of the finest arcade adventures of all time. Additionally, we were also very curious to see if something like this could be developed using Macromedia's Director, and delivered through Shockwave. Well . . . it can.

We would like it to be abundantly clear that this has been a non-profit venture to pay tribute to an inspirational force in the game development community. We are not officially associated with Namco or any agency connected to the original Pac-Man, or any subsequent development in the product series. Pac-Man and all images, sounds, and ideas implemented in the game are trademarks of their respective owners.

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