• You have two goals: (1) Grow; (2) Survive.
  • To grow you need to eat. Everytime you eat a food pellet you get longer.
  • If you hit anything (including yourself, another snake, or a wall)... see ya!
  • Typing a "p" pauses the game
  • Typing a "c" unpauses the game
  • Typing a "1" slows down the game
  • Typing a "2" speeds up the game


Left Right Up Down
A or J or Left Arrow D or L or Right Arrow W or I or Up Arrow W or I or Down Arrow


Our goal here was to develop a game that was low on glitz but high on blitz (tacky). We wanted to develop an on-line game that was more than just a pale shadow of an arcade success story, with all of the playability and enjoyment of a real commercial game. The fruits of our efforts was Kaleidopee; a stripped down, fast-paced, and ADDICTIVE game you can really sink your teeth into.


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